Environmental Health Technology

Environmental Health Technology

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We offer this course to secondary school leavers and mature entry.

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The Environmental Health programme prepares graduates to work at any health and/or private institution to promote the general improvement of environmental health standards and health status of the general public in Zambia.

Environmental health is one of the most important elements of health promotion in Zambia. The maintenance and sustainability of an environmentally friendly nation can go a long way in preventing and reducing diseases that are associated with environmental factors.

From time to time, new trends occur in the area of preventive medicine. In striving to address these trends, the training institutions have to meet the demands for the production of competent and skilled human resource for the health sector. In order to accomplish this, there is need for constant review of the curriculum to incorporate the changes that occur in the world in general and Zambia in particular. These reviews assist in providing quality training to students and improved health care to the general public.

The environmental health curriculum was last reviewed in 2008. As a result, all changes that had since then taken place in the health sector were not incorporated in the operational curriculum. It was therefore felt necessary to review the curricula.

The Environmental HealthTechnologist (EHT) operates under various legal frame works where he/she derives powers. It is therefore imperative that the officer should be given adequate training in order to equip him/her with adequate knowledge and skills to apply these powers in the execution of his/her duties. The consequence of this is the general improvement of environmental health standards and the health status of the general public in Zambia.   

This curriculum is therefore designed in such a way that after training, the graduate will have acquired knowledge, attitudes and practical skills in the science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting physical, social and mental well-being.

The graduate will also be able to interpret and advise on aspects of human health including quality of life that is determined by physical, biological, social and psychosocial factors in the environment. In so doing he/she will be able to assess, correct, control and prevent those factors in the environment that can potentially or adversely affect people’s health.

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