The course provides extensive background in food microbiology, food hygiene, and safety management systems. The course emphasizes food as a vehicle in the transmission of diseases
and expresses the importance of food hygiene and safety in the prevention of diseases.

To equip students with knowledge and skills in food safety and hygiene.
1. List different sources of microorganisms in food
2. Describe food poisoning
3. Explain factors which influence microbial growth and multiplication in food
4. Outline methods of controlling food contamination
5. Describe various food borne diseases
6. Describe the historical background of food safety and hygiene
7. Define terms commonly used in food safety, hygiene and inspection food premises
8. Describe principles of food safety and hygiene
9. Explain appropriate methods of food preservation and transportation of food products
10. Explain the importance of cleaning and disinfection in food premises
11. Describe various methods of pest control in food premises
1. Apply appropriate methods of food preservation
2. Identify appropriate of transportation of food products
3. Establish types of food borne diseases
4. Identify types of food poisoning
5. Apply epidemiological procedures during an investigation of food poisoning
6. Enforce wearing of personal protective clothing by food handlers
7. Implement the training programme for food handlers
8. Investigate factors that influence microbial growth and multiplication in food premises
9. Apply appropriate methods of disinfecting food premises
10. Provide Information Education and Communication (IEC) on hygienic handling, production and transportation of food.
11. Carry out pest control measures in food premises
12. Establish factors influencing microbial growth and multiplication
13. Implement cleaning and disinfection programmes of food premises
14. Carry out inspections on food premises in accordance with Food and Drugs Act, CAP 303 of the Laws of Zambia
15. Apply appropriate food safety management systems
16. Implement Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) concept in food premises’establishments

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