Registered Nursing

Registered Nursing

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We offer this course to secondary school leavers and mature entry.

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There is a great need to prepare a nurse who will meet the challenges of the emerging diseases and the patient’s awareness of his/her human rights. The nurse will not only work in the hospital but in the community as well.  This curriculum has been designed taking cognisant of the national needs, client needs and indeed the professional needs.

It takes into account the key elements of the National Health Policies and Strategies towards the provision of accessible, equitable and cost effective health care.

The WHO resolution passed at the 67th World Health Assembly (WHA), where all member states were urged to strengthen, Universal health coverage, continuation of Millennium Development Goals and Non-Communicable Diseases recognised that cost effectiveness of good nursing and midwifery practice makes a major difference to the quality and effectiveness of health care services.

In line with the WHO resolution, the dynamic social economic environment, complex patient and community needs and challenges, it has become imperative for the nursing programme to be upgraded in order for nurses to gain knowledge and skills, acceptable attitudes and competencies.  The revised curriculum will offer courses, which will address health issues of the 21st century.

The framework of the curriculum is based on the regulatory elements of the profession which are key in ensuring that education and training including practice that meets acceptable standards.  These standards shall be reflected in the core competencies to be achieved by a Registered Nurse graduate, to make him/her responsive in meeting the demands of health care provision at all levels of care.

The General Nursing Council (GNC) as a regulator of education and training including practice believes that the implementation of this curriculum will open up opportunities to improve knowledge and competence based practice in order to increase client’s confidence and satisfaction.

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