You are welcome to our course on medicine and medical nursing. As you may know nurses have an important role in serving people’s lives and as such they need to be knowledgeable on conditions that affect the human beings. This course intends to assist you with information which is essential in nursing patients with medical conditions. Knowing the medical conditions will assist you to carry out your nursing care to your patients effectively and efficiently as nursing care contributes much in the recovery of the patients.

Medicine and medical nursing course  is offered using units. The splitting of the course in different units is to enable you  understand each aspect of the course step by step. This course is associated with some of the courses that you studied in your foundation block such as Anatomy and Physiology, microbiology and nutrition. The course starts by explaining the principles of medicine and medical nursing, the nature and causes of the diseases and health assessment. It further goes on to describe conditions according to the systems of the body.  Each system then starts with reviewing the anatomy and physiology which is an important aspect of understanding the condition as this states the parts involved and the functions which are disturbed, the common investigations done on those conditions, the definition of the conditions and so on.

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