1. Outline the procedure of inspecting food stuffs offered for sale to the public
2. Describe various food preservation methods
3. Inspect food processing premises
4. Explain food safety laws
5. Describe inspection procedures for various foods
6. Describe principles of food preservation
7. Outline various methods of food processing
8. Describe international laws that regulate the import and export of food
1. Apply concepts and approaches of modern food inspection during practical food
2. Inspect food premises in line with food inspection procedure outlined in Food and Drugs
Act & its Regulations
3. Inspect food stuffs offered for sale to the public
4. Inspect food processing premises
5. Conduct inspection of various foods and make appropriate judgment
6. Identify different food spoilage
7. Elucidate principles of food preservation
8. Recommend appropriate methods of food preservation
9. Recommend appropriate methods of food processing
10. Identify adulterants or extraneous matter in food
11. Analyse food labels
12. Promote traditional methods of food preservation
13. Conduct food sampling and interpret laboratory results.
14. Analyse food complaints and thereafter take appropriate action
15. Enforce relevant food laws

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